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John Londrigan

John Londrigan (junior), not to be confused with his father, also named John, was married to Nell McKendry & they had a daughter, Yvonne, who married Clarrie Bryant. Clarrie was the Linesman Technician locally for the Banks Peninsular Electric Power Board which is reputed to be the first established power board in New Zealand. Yvonne & Clarrie lived in a house at Cooptown. When he retired, he moved to Akaroa.

John purchased land in Puha Valley, formerly known as "The Morice Settlement" & he was one of the lucky ones to win by ballott his block in December 1905. There were 31 farms in the Morice Settlement, all ballotted out. The land was originally Bush Clad & had been cleared by the Terawera Saw Mill. The area was called Terawera Valley & changed name to Puaha Valley at around 1907 - 1911.

Johns land was the 2nd block up from the Coach Road corner, on the left hand side. He built a fine wool shed & stock yard with cattle run. The Woolshed was used as temporary class rooms when Hillside School was shifted down onto flat land further up the valley in 1909 & became known as the Puaha Valley School. He ran some sheep on the property but mainly specialised in dairy & beef cattle.

He also purchased approximately 60 acres at the hill top on Akaroa main highway, west of the Hill Top Hotel, just passed the Browns Property. There were great views from the top of the hill, you could see right out to Lake Forsyth on the Puaha side & southern sidemost of the bays including a goodly part Akaroa. Often in winter this hilltop land became snow clad.

When John retired to Christchurch & purchased a house in Addington, he spent most of his time in retirement at Akaroa with Yvonne & Clarrie. He is burried at Bromley Cemetery in Christchurch. How do you know John? Leave a memory.