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Brian Vincent Londrigan (1928 - 2017)

Brian, father to Matt & Paul, grandfather to Rachael, Matty & Josie, died after suddenly falling ill with pneumonia in 2017. He fell into a comma & passed away in Ward A at North Shore Hospital. See also: Rachael's memorial.

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  • Full Name: Brian Vincent Londrigan.
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  • Address: New Zealand.
  • Occupation: Log in.
  • Born: 17th November 1928.
  • Passed away: 22nd December 2017.
  • Lived for: 89 years.
  • Cause of death: Pneumonia.
  • Spouse: Eileen Moat (Londrigan).
  • Father: Emanuel (Chris).
  • Mother: Mona Columbus.
  • Children (2): Matthew & Paul.
  • Siblings (1): Pauline.
  • Grandchildren (3): Rachael, Matty, Josie.