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Audrey Tamsin Elizabeth O'Donnell (1924 - 2018)

Born in Christchurch & appears to have died in Ruapehu.
More info coming soon as time permits. If you would like to contribute, feel free to leave a comment below & I will publish it. How do you know Audrey? Leave a memory.

  • Family History Database
  • Full Name: Audrey Tamsin Elizabeth (Londrigan) O'Donnell.
  • Address: New Zealand.
  • Born: 27th March 1924.
  • Passed away: 13th July 2018.
  • Lived for: 94 years.
  • Father: Leonard Michael Londrigan.
  • Mother: Mona Columbus.
  • Grandmother: Suzannah.
  • Grandchildren (1): Carmine O'Donnell.