HUMIRA (Adalimumab) & Covid 19

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HUMIRA (Adalimumab) & Covid 19

HUMIRA & Covid-19

Recent studies have shown that HUMIRA (Adalimumab) could be an effective treatment for the management of patients with COVID-19.

Doctors were looking at immunomodulators in general to quell the “cytokine storm” (i.e. over-activation of the immune-systems inflammatory response) that can happen with covid. This refers to people who end up in hospital with severe covid pneumonia.

Indications are that it could help prevent you from getting infected in the first place, or, if you do get infected, help keep the infection in a mild form. It’s looking promising enough that doctors in the UK have started a clinical trial of it as a treatment for people with covid in the community.

There was one negative “clinical trial” in amongst all the positive but it was given to patients who already had severely advanced disease (i.e. those types of patients don’t ever seem to respond much to anything). Also, they only gave them a single dose and it was only in 68 patients (a very small number for a randomized trial).