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Lester Sowerby (1944 - 2019)

Lester passed away peacefully on Saturday July 20th 2019. Born in Devonport, Auckland where he lived all his life. Although he wasn't direct family, my father knew him well as they worked together from a young age on the Fullers Ferries. I always knew him as Uncle Lester. I have fond memories going out to the Barrier with him on the Jet Raider & Dad having him round for BBQ's at our house with daughter Selika & his partner Victoria. How do you know Lester? Leave a memory.

  • Family History Database
  • Full Name: Lester Owen Wetherall Sowerby.
  • Nickname: Multiple nicknames.
  • Country: New Zealand.
  • City: Auckland.
  • Occupation: Senior Master at Fullers Ferries.
  • Born: November 25th 1944.
  • Passed away: 20th July 2019.
  • Lived for: 74 years.
  • Cause of death: Natural causes.
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