Change Log



Saturday 2nd March
  • Fixed modal display issue when trying to log in on dark theme.
  • Started designing logo's for my other website.
  • Began converting flat file database to MYSQL.
  • Began developing front-end Admin.
  • Display count of images in all galleries.
  • Added private galleries for users with permission (i.e family/friends).
  • Abandoned the Blog due to starting other projects.


Tuesday 18th December
  • Fixed incorrect mathematical caclulation which caused focal length to display incorrectly.
  • Rounded focal length (up) to nearest whole number.
  • Fixed bug in horizontal navigation which caused display issues when 3 folders deep.
Wednesday 15th Aug (night)
  • Upgraded old photo galleries to new theme.
Wednesday 15th Aug
  • Added a check for duplicate time entries before inserting Location data.
  • Added a convenience link to Locations for users with permission.
  • Changed back to getCurrentPosition() as watchPosition() seems to create duplicate entries.
  • Locked down /members while under development.
Tuesday 14th Aug
  • Changed from getCurrentPosition() to watchPosition() which seems to greatly improve GPS location accuracy. Note: Doesn't apply to Wifi / Desktop.
  • Changed photo gallery rows & sizes to be calculated by PHP.
  • Added the ability to set gallery row count manually per page.
Friday 10th - Saturday 11th Aug
  • Added ability to see time spent at a Location.
  • Added reliable way to get country of a user in Locations.
  • Changed the way time updates are ordered to stop conflicts.
  • Updated Map views (Today, Yesterday & All) to show time spent at location & corrections to address when you click the marker.
  • IP address is now visible on Dbase page. Note: Only for Desktop users.
  • Updated styles.
  • Made Send button instead of detecting location automatically & added delay before refresh.
Monday 6th Aug
  • Fixed duplicate entries bug in Locations.
  • Changed from UNIX Time as an ID to AI ID for Locations.
  • Added the ability to manually enter address/location if detection is inaccurate.
Sunday 5th Aug
  • Re-wrote Javascript calls for Locations:
  • Improved API calls for Country where data is sometimes stored in weird feilds.
  • Added a fall back so if country is not detected, it won't crash.
  • Made Locations wait for the Google response before sending blanks to the database.
  • Updated "Database (All)" page in Locations to show a ID number to assist with troubleshooting specific false detections.
  • Added street view link to "Database (All)" page.
Saturday 4th Aug
  • Upgraded Locations from PHP5 to PHP7. Changed to MYSQLi.
  • Made PHP7 the default for the Server.
  • Updated old private pages to be compatible with PHP7.
Friday 3rd Aug
  • Simplified the way Locations make API calls to Google to increase reliability.
  • Updated styling.
  • Adjusted Zoom preset for [Map] & [Satellite].
  • Changed from password protected directories to Laravel authentication on all private pages.
  • Added Phone/Mobile detection to Locations.
Thursday 2nd Aug
  • Signed up for Google Premium Developer Account to continue using Google Maps API. Article.
  • Redisgned Geolocate to fit Googles new requirements for API calls. Hopefully no issues from here.
  • Restore authentication to Locations.
  • Adjusted styling.
Wednesday 1st Aug
  • Disabled authentication temporarily on Locations as it conflicts with geolocation detection.
  • Fixed some issues in the Location code.
  • This page (Change Log) now requires authentication.
Friday 13th April
  • Fixed the subscribe button for Chrome users (not doing anything when you click it).
  • Fixed side navigation bug (not opening when clicking Journal)
Thursday 12th April
  • Added photos.
  • Testing out notification system ( only).
Monday 9th April


Friday 22/12/2017
  • Started noting referals.
Saturday 09/12/2017
  • Added to private events
  • Changed the Blog name.
  • Fixed issue with images not showing in correct order on mini-gallery & full gallery on all articles.
  • Added Blog article.
  • Updated CSS for scrolling mini gallery.
  • Added Blog Article. Fixed specs display issues.
  • Made Locations more mobile friendly.
  • Fix theme changer button issue; not displaying correctly on Android devices.
  • Added Theme Changer to footer. The style is saved in a cookie.
  • Updated Image hover effect.
  • Disabled auto theme changer.
  • Updated private pages.
  • Added ability for theme to change based on time of day but decided against enabling it yet.
  • Added Blog Article.
  • Prep all pages to make it ready for dark & light theme selector.
  • Completed CSS for white theme.